Scottish Country Dancing Workshops

scottish dance workshops are held every morning
To enhance your holiday, and to complement the social and friendly group dancing programme, we also offer you the choice to take part in dedicated Dancing Workshops, which are run each morning for dancers who have a good knowledge of the steps and formations.

scottish country dance leaders
The workshops are organised and led by our
experienced Dancing Leaders, who will help you practise and learn some interesting and lesser known dances, which are not included in the evening Dancing Program. These dances may be challenging, so a good knowledge of SCD terminology and formations will help you to tackle them!  

Shown below is an example of the dances performed in a recent Autumn Workshop.

Should you not wish to join the morning Workshops then you are of course free to take time out at your leisure, perhaps exploring the locality, or you might like to participate in one of our Guided Walks which are run each day.

Example of a recent Scottish Dance Workshop Program...

crib sheets for scottish country dancing
guests practicing scottish dancing

learning how to do scottish dancing

guests enjoying more challenging scottish dances

dancing workshops every day