Interesting and  Exciting Dancing

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Your Scottish Country Dancing break is tailored to be a full and inclusive experience for everyone, featuring well planned traditional and sometimes themed Dances, with the emphasis on social dances. We have exclusive use of the hotel ballroom for the whole of your stay.

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Each evening our Dancing Leaders will take the whole group through a different program of Scottish Country Dancing. This is sometimes themed, and other times it will be traditional

interesting scottish country dancing
Dances will be recapped and we provide 
Cribs of the dances to help you along.

Scottish Country Dancing does require a certain level of skill, with a degree of familiarity with the steps. 

Some dances may be more interesting than others - but that's the fun!

There are Scottish Country Dancing Workshops held each morning in which other more interesting and challenging dances are tutored.

Evening Scottish Country Dance Program...    

- Click on the Crib Sheet to see details -

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scottish country dancing every evening

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